VM Tweaks

This application is a professional tool that allows you to tweak your phone/device in order to achieve
best performance.(This Application Is For Rooted Devices Only)

Clear App Data

clear app data

Clear all apps data from your Android device in one shot or you can select one or more packages to remove their cached and app data.


- Clean and optimize your apps Cached/App data
- Select all or (one or more) packages to clean

Note: Device must be Rooted. (Please restart your device after clearing all packages app data)

Dalvik VM Tweaks

Professional tool for rooted devices to modify Dalvik VM Tweaks to achieve best performance.

Main Features::

- RAM Management

- Wipe Dalvik Cache

- Dalvik VM Management

- Backup/Restore settings

- Delete/Change Dalvik VM Key values

- Reboot. (needed for applying changes)

Note: Device must be ROOTED for the application to function properly.


Change Net Hostname for Rooted Devices

Android geeks tool to change your device Net.Hostname in build.prop system configuration file easily. Please note that your device must be (ROOTED) for the application to function properly.

Main Features:

- Change Net.Hostname
- Backup/Restore Net.Hostname
- Displays last modification date
- Displays the current Net.Hostname value before and after update
- Reboot upon request

Note: After changing Net.Hostname your device must be rebooted for the change to take effect.

Device Caps Utility + MTK Engineer Mode [App] Discover your Device Features

Discover your device capabilities and features in detail such as CPU, screen/display Metrics, GPU, memory, storage, RAM, camera(s) properties, hardware/software features, running app processes, running services, running tasks, power management and battery information. It includes tools to clear application cache, set screen brightness mode, airplane mode, enable/disable WiFi and Bluetooth, killing running app processes and MTK Engineer Mode tools for devices supported by Media Tek chipset. Test Your Device GPU Hardware Acceleration.(GPU Hardware Acceleration Test) is added

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